12 cadeaux pour un fumeur de cannabis pour la première fois


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As more states allow the sale of recreational cannabis, first-time users are starting to feel more emboldened to try the devil’s lettuce.  

But jumping into the world of cannabis products can be overwhelming for beginners. You can’t just make the jump from hitting a vape pen a few times to amassing a collection of bud and making gravity bongs. 

Whether it’s for a parent looking to dabble in cannabis or a friend who’s in need if a relaxing night, here are 12 gifts for the curious consumer to make their first times consuming weed a little smoother. 

1. A vintage lunch box to hold their weed

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: etsy / beforeandnowboutique 

Whether you’re an experienced stoner or just dabbling in it, you probably don’t want to leave your weed hanging around the house. Even if the stigma against cannabis has lessened with legalization, it doesn’t hurt to keep your products out of the reach of small children or prying eyes. Toss your stash into an inconspicuous container like this cute vintage lunch box. 

Price: $25 at BEFOREANDNOWBoutique on Etsy

2. Some fancy edibles to chill out

The days of buying questionable brownies off your skeevy lab partner are long gone. If you want to gift something chill for someone who isn’t ready for strong edibles, consider Beboe’s tasty Pastilles. With 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of THC per serving, the edibles lessen the risk of paranoia while ensuring a mellow night. 

Price: $25 through EmJay

3. Send them some snacks for the inevitable munchies 

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: postmates 

It happens to all of us: You’re having a nice night in, settling into your high, when you’re suddenly hit with an all-consuming need for something deep fried and covered in melted cheese. Give the beginner stoner in your life the gift of snacks with a Postmates or Grubhub gift card.

Price: $25 to $500 on Postmates or Grubhub

4. The Firefly 2 vape

Vaping is still controversial; although the lung disease hospitalizing frequent users across the United States was traced back to black market THC oil, some are still sketched out by legal vape cartridges, and some areas like Massachusetts have banned them. Not in the mood to roll joints? Try vaping flower instead! The Firefly 2 vape makes a great gift for beginners and experiences smokers alike. 

Price: $249.95 on Firefly

5. A water bottle to deal with the first-time cotton mouth 

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: hydro flask

Look, nobody likes cotton mouth, but everyone experiences it at one point or another. VSCO girls and stoners alike can enjoy some refreshingly cool water to both save the turtles and stay hydrated. Plus, they have great reviews

Price: $42.95 at Hydro Flask

6. A cute grinder 

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: etsy

A fun pun and a useful tool? We have no choice but to stan. Everyone needs a decent grinder, and you might as well get a cute one for the first time stoner in your life. 

Price: $29.90 from PARTYGIFTACCESSORIES on Etsy. 

7. Some slime to keep them occupied

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: etsy

Snacking on something cheesy, watching nature documentaries, and smushing around slime rank among the top best activities to do while high. Strike wonder into the hearts of a baby smoker by gifting them some slime. 

Price: $8 through KonradSlimes on Etsy

8. Something to hide the dank smell

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: cannabolish

Even though more people should be chill with weed, not everyone is. Hide the dank smell with an odor removing candle and spray set from Cannabolish. 

Price: $29.99 on Cannabolish

9. Blanket fort materials 

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: amazon

What is more joyful than building a blanket fort? The answer: Sitting in one while very high. Keep your loved ones cozy while they spark up with a nice fluffy blanket. 

Price: $32.99 on Amazon

10. A joint rolling machine

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: etsy 

Rolling a decent joint is an art, a learned skill perfected by years of crouching over your coffee table hoping you can finish before the pizza arrives. Who has time for that? Beginner smokers can have an easier time with the help of a joint rolling machine. 

Price: $9.99 through KushPanda on Etsy

11. A lighter with a convenient storage spot

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: etsy

There’s nothing more annoying than needing to ask around for a lighter. The lighters from Jointlockers on Etsy not only come in fun colors and designs, but include a storage space to stash a joint for on the go shenanigans. 

Price: $19.88 on Etsy

12. A reservation at the first weed cafe in the United States

12 gifts for a first-time weed smoker

Image: wonho frank lee

Ease beginners into smoking by bringing them to the first weed cafe in the United States. Lowell Cafe’s extensive menu of both cannabis products and good food make for a great first experience consuming weed. The atmosphere and experienced Flower Hosts ensure that everyone’s comfortable and well fed.

Price: Menu items range from $8 to $27 at Lowell Cafe

Regardless of whether or not the cannabis user has experience toking, it’s always a more pleasant time if everyone partaking is comfortable. These gifts should help! 

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