AirVape Xs GO: Ultra-efficiënte verdamping van cannabis: gegarandeerd plezi


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When a cannabis equipment company thinks enough of their consumer to charge their rechargeable device before the sale, that gets my attention. I like to open the box and not have to wait an hour to charge my new cannabis tool.

And it’s small, smaller than the mouse on my iMac. And much lighter too. Elegant and smooth to the touch. It also has a nice rubberized edge that makes it resistant to slipping out of my hand. Nice touch.

The AirVape Xs GO is that tiny black (fully-charged) device sitting firmly in my hand right now. It’s extremely sturdy in construction, yet quite lightweight. Surprisingly it has only one “moving” part. That part is the on/off button. There is a generous mouthpiece that removes quickly to open the deeply set ceramic heating chamber. It’s enough room to hold enough cannabis (or if you want, loose tobacco) to last your entire three minute sesh. And you’ll get really high.

Clean up is a cinch, just tap out the chamber and clean with the handy brush when cool. If you want to apply some ISO, you can but it’s really not necessary.

The on/off switch is efficient and very easy to manipulate with a light click and further clicks to easily adjust the temperature up and down. Although there are no temperature numbers per say, the span extends from low-ish temperature to higher ones. Without a visual thermometer, I can tell you that it does what the easy to read instructions say. Which means to me that I’m not sure what it means! But try it out. I think the lower temperatures are for more flavor and the higher produce more clouds? Whatever. It works really nicely. I’m very impressed to the performance and easy to clean operation.

That stuff about clouds really doesn’t matter to me. I’m looking for an efficient smoke that tastes darned good.

I’m smoking some delicious flower from Green Bodhi in Oregon and the vapor produced by this device tastes right out of the curing room, mint and Douglas fir across the palate with bursts of crushed, moss covered minerals sprinkled with sea salt. Uncanny how good my herbs taste with this device, and oh so efficient. There’s hardly any waste, none at all really. It’s truly exemplary the ease of operation as well as the pleasure of smoking this vaporizer which will keep me coming back for just one more hit. I’ve used dozens of these vaporizer devices recently and none are as simple to use nor easier to enjoy than this one.

And, I must say in simple terms that I got really, really high smoking the AirVape Xs GO. Of course the quality of the herbs are better than what you may be accustomed to, but I’m pretty sure that this tool does exactly what it is supposed to do and then some.

It’s absolutely amazing for the size as well, offering lung-filling hits of world-class vapor and pure to the terroir aromatics.

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