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Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis are the founders behind CBD apothecary Fleur Marché that is dedicated to strict vetting practices and a wealth of CBD knowledge. We stole a minute from their busy start up schedules to ask them a bit about their wellness routines…

Meredith Schroeder (pictured on the right):

What do you do daily for your wellness…
It really varies by day based on what’s happening on the work front (hello, startup world!), but there are a few mainstays to my daily routine I won’t sacrifice on that keep me sane. First, CBD. This feels obvious coming from a person who owns a CBD company – but honestly, understanding cannabis in an entirely new way has changed my life. Secondly, I’ve recently had a baby (he’s 5 months and SO CUTE) and I’ve just made a conscious effort to go back to a consistent workout routine. I LOVE to get moving in the mornings specifically because I feel I’ve already had a win for the day before I get to work, and it gives me more stamina for the rest of the day (which can be rather unpredictable). Lastly, I cherish my “unwind” routine. This is comprised of snuggles with my babes before they crawl into bed, and then usually a little blast of Bravo TV for myself (or something similar) because TBH, I can’t do any more critical thinking by the time I am putting my cozies on and curling up for the night. There are a lot of other things peppered in on a given day – but these are uncompromised ones. 😉

What do you do weekly for your wellness…
GET OUTSIDE! I try my very best to get my family to do an outdoor activity (hike, beach, stroll to the park, etc). 1) This selfishly makes me happy because I am a sun baby and will do anything to get a recharge via vitamin D when possible and 2) It gives our family has special bonding time while creating some fun weekend traditions, and of course gets creates endorphins for the whole fam (we know what Elle Woods thinks about that…) – PLUS, 4 humans in a 1200 square foot house is…A LOT. Beyond that, I rotate the typical self-indulgent tasks – facial, mani, barre class, etc.

What do you do monthly for your wellness….
While I try to eat well every day, I definitely have moments of weakness and single cheat days that turn into cheat weekends. So, I try to do a reset once a month to get myself back into a routine. It’s usually the first week of the month, and I do find it really does help me mentally – I know that if I fall off the wagon in other parts of the month, it’s back to business come that first week!

What do you do yearly for your wellness…. I’ve tried to always push myself with a new fitness goal of some sort. A race, a new trendy exercise class, etc. Not necessarily with a weight loss goal in mind or anything…in fact as I get older, I am less and less concerned what the scale says, but more obsessed with feeling my absolute best and pushing myself to achieve milestones that I’ve never explored prior. For example – last year, I was pregnant for the majority of the time, but decided to work with a personal trainer for strength training – something I would NEVER have gone near my first pregnancy. I wanted to feel strong and capable and preserve myself throughout my pregnancy journey best I could instead of feeling depleted. I think in lieu of that for 2020, I want to focus way more on meditation. It’s always been a struggle for me, and something I really need to work on. I am on the hunt for the right meditation retreat for the year…suggestions welcome 😉

Ashley Lewis (pictured on the left):

What do you do daily for your wellness…
Before I had a baby, I worked out almost every morning which was the single most important part of my wellness routine in terms of balancing my energy and stress. Since baby, it’s been much harder to carve out time for myself on a daily basis. Luckily, as I figure out how to get back into my regular exercise routine, I’ve been able to substitute the endorphin high I used to rely on with the pure joy of new rituals with my 6-month-old son, Bodie. Every morning when he wakes up, my husband, my pit bull (Raina) and I go get him together and the four of us spend the first hour of our day cuddled up in bed. As someone who generally wakes up stressed, this hang time really helps me start my day calm, centered and energized. I’m also big on my skincare routine – it’s a daily ritual that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something before I even leave the house. And it makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself, even in the smallest way. It ALSO helps me keep CBD in my life, even while I’m nursing (because there are no studies on how CBD affects infants, I’ve chosen to cut down on CBD ingestibles until after I’m done breastfeeding). I do not leave the house without my favorite CBD face oil slathered all over and my trusty CBD pain stick tucked safely in my bag – as the CEO of a startup, I’m tense A LOT. The CBD pain stick is literally the quickest fix I’ve been able to find when my neck starts getting tight and my jaw starts to ache from too much clenching!

What do you do weekly for your wellness…
I cherish my weekends! Saturdays and Sundays are when I really focus on recharging and doing the things that make me happiest – I make sure to get in a work out (even if it’s the only one of the week), now that there’s a baby who gets antsy, we’ve started to become walkers – whether we trek to the farmer’s market or just mosey around the neighborhood, my little crew and I take at least one long walk a weekend – we spend a loooot of time with friends and family, who make our lives really full and, if I’m lucky, I get in a date night with my husband, ideally with a dirty martini included. 😉

What do you do monthly for your wellness….
I’ve just started to adopt a plant-based diet, and it’s going really well. While this isn’t exactly just a monthly only thing, it’s a whole new set of lifestyle choices that I’m constantly making – from ditching eggs, my breakfast go-to, to aiming for at least 3 colors of veggies in every meal – and my strategy has been to take things month by month. I originally gave myself a target of 6 months of plant-based eating/living to see how it would affect my body. After just a few weeks I’m already feeling the difference, but I’m still excited to see how this evolves over the next couple of months.

What do you do yearly for your wellness…. Vacation! It’s really really really important for me to be able to turn off at some point in the year. Whether it’s an international adventure or a weekend getaway up the California coast, I’m very big on finding time to ditch my phone and my computer in favor of a few good books, some good wine and loooots of new restaurants.

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