Bekijk de Kickstarter-video voor het Jeri Ellsworth augmented reality-tafelspelsysteem


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Our friend Jeri Ellsworth announced the Kickstarter campaign for her company’s augmented reality system called Tilt Five, which takes tabletop gaming to a new level by giving players a shared 3D animated view of the action.

We decided to take a different approach at Tilt Five. We focused on building an AR system that creates amazing tabletop gaming experiences, with glasses so lightweight and comfortable you can play all day. Our lenses are large and wide open, so the glasses don’t block your vision. You can see your friends, pizza, and drinks, while you play true head to head games around the table. The patented 110° field of view optical system fills the entire game board, and everything is in focus whether you’re leaning back in your chair or pressing your chin to the board to get a better look at the details on that dragon. To top it all off, the system had to be affordable.

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