Black Dahlia x YIELD Rolt CBD-geïnfuseerde massagekaarsen uit


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YIELD recently introduced a new line of CBD infused aromatherapy and massage candles in partnership with CBD entrepreneur Dan Goldfarb and his wife Jenny Landers – Black Dahlia x YIELD.

The Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. designed Sowden House in Los Angeles is a historical landmark, but it’s also known for being the location of the Black Dahlia murder. Goldfarb and Landers plan to turn the home into a hub for hemp-based products and charity events. Through this collaboration, Black Dahlia x YIELD aims to reclaim the home’s character by giving back to diverse charities and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and intention.

Like all YIELD candles, Black Dahlia x YIELD candles are produced in their St. Augustine facility with clean, sustainably-sourced ingredients like coconut wax, beeswax, cotton wick, and organic cypress oil. Goldfarb and Landers provide pure CBD and CBG extracts for inclusion in the aromatherapy and massage candles. The beautiful double-wall borosilicate glass vessels are reusable once the candle is finished, perfect for coffee, cocktails, or however you’d like to use it in your home.

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