Blauwogig hert werd gered, bevindt zich nu in een liefdevol en zorgzaam toevluchtsoord


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The amazing Owl’s Nest Sanctuary For Wildlife shared images of this incredibly beautiful blue-eyed baby deer on their Facebook page.

Look at them BABY BLUES!!! 👀 We are *fawning* over this stunning whitetail deer baby! 😍 Sunny came to us a while back for rehab after being abandoned by his mom and although some fawns are born with blue eyes, they almost always change color to the dark brown usually seen in older deer 🦌 Well, this boy has KEPT his blue eyes!!! 😱 According to our veterinarians at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, this is a rare, recessive trait and not often seen! ✨ We feel so lucky to have this unique boy in our care! 🤗

Doug DeFelice took the the incredible shots, and we’re sharing them courtesy of Owl’s Nest Sanctuary For Wildlife.

[via @arin_twit]

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