Cannabiz Countdown: hervorming van cannabisbankieren gaat vooruit (video van 60 seconden)


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Your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the cannabis business.

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The Marley family has a new marijuana connection, chronic pain means medical weed in Iowa, and cannabis banking reform makes surprise headway.

Welcome to the Cannabiz Countdown, your weekly rundown of the biggest news in the cannabis business. 

  • Rohan Marley, the son of the late Jamaican reggae singer and marijuana advocate Bob Marley, is the new spokesperson for agricultural biotech brand Zero Gravity Solutions. His work will focus on the hemp and cannabis cultivation markets.
  • An Iowa state board added chronic pain as a qualifying condition to use medical marijuana, a development that should increase sales in the state’s heavily regulated market.
  • Senate banking committee chair Mike Crapo came out in support of federal banking protections for cannabis businesses, acknowledging that the current hurdles that prevent the cannabis industry from putting money in federal banks simply do not work. 

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