CBD Gummies

As avid users of CBD products, my partner and I have benefited from their wellness effects — from migraine relief to minimal joint pain. Each week, there seem to be more CBD-infused products available.

CBD gummies are one recent find that appealed to us. While some companies like Charlotte’s Web and Sunday Scaries offer these gummies as supplements, NatureBox provides a selection of CBD gummies that are snacks instead of supplements, offering a satisfying way to silence those mid-morning and mid-afternoon periods of hunger.

Why CBD?

Whether it is a supplement or a snack, more people are becoming genuinely interested in why CBD is a beneficial wellness solution.

Numerous studies have pointed to the wellness benefits of CBD, including the ability to assist with emotion regulation, pain and inflammation relief, and improved sleep. And, it doesn’t interfere with your focus or adversely impacts your appetite.

Factors That Define Best CBD Gummies

Many factors go into making a good CBD gummies product.

  • The first factor is the source, which is where the hemp comes from and the process of the CBD extraction. As a bioaccumulator, hemp absorbs whatever is in the soil — and that includes pesticides. Therefore, it’s essential to select a brand that is transparent about where their CBD comes from. One way is to provide a third-party lab report.
  • The second factor is the ingredients. It’s vital to use high-quality CBD along with clean extractor methods. Again, that lab report will provide this information. Beyond CBD, look at all other ingredients, including the use of sweeteners as well as artificial colors and flavors.
  • Considerations should include the amount of sugar added as well as coloring and flavoring sources. The best CBD gummies are low in added sugar and use natural colors and flavors. Any vegetarians or vegans like my partner also must pay attention to the appearance of any animal products like gelatin. Instead, vegan thickeners include pectin, cornstarch, and tapioca.
  • The third factor is whether the CBD gummies are coated or infused. The best CBD gummies are infused. Coated items are not ideal because the CBD may not be evenly distributed across each gummy. In the process, the user will not get the same level of benefit. Infusing the gummies with CBD ensures even distribution and protects the CBD from heat and light, which can diminish its effect.

We decided to compare the top three CBD gummies on the market today from brands that include Charlotte’s Web,  NatureBox, and Sunday Scaries. Here’s what we liked and didn’t like about each CBD gummies brand.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web offers a range of CBD products (capsules and oils) that include CBD gummies. The company has been around since 2013, which makes it one of the most established.

What we like.

  • Their CBD gummies have full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp extract.
  • They are the cheapest, but it may be due to the ingredients used.
  • They offer three different formulas that include “Sleep,” “Recovery,” and “Calm.”
  • You get more chews per bottle compared to Sunday Scaries.
  • There are many flavors, quantities, and package combinations.

What we don’t like.

  • They only offer one dose amount, which is 5mg of CBD/gummy. However, they recommend you take two so you get 10mg of CBD.
  • The first three ingredients are sugar.
  • We couldn’t find any third-party lab reports or transparency about their products. Once we purchased their products and we asked for this information, they did provide us with some lab report findings.
  • It took a while to get the products, so their shipping process seems slow.

Naturebox CBD Gummies


NatureBox is a recognized brand in the healthy snacks market. They sell subscription boxes and a la carte snacks to individuals and businesses. In the last year, it launched a wellness snack line that includes CBD gummies.

What we like.

  • They use American-grown hemp and provide transparent information. There is a third-party lab report about the CBD gummies.
  • They have the most natural product with apple pectin rather than a fruity flavor. This ingredient also makes their gummies pliable and easy to chew.
  • The CBD gummies contain baobab, which adds a citrus flavor and provides fiber as a superfood. Sunflower oil, which is rich in Vitamins A, C, and D with fats that help the body absorb the CBD.
  • These gummies are a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and calcium.
  • They are gluten-free and vegan.
  • They only use natural coloring from Curcurmin or Red Beet extract. Both work as antioxidants to reduce inflammation, detoxify the liver, and improve digestive health.
  • They have 0.0 THC without being an isolate. They use Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • They are fairly priced.
  • There are numerous dose amounts available to help you start with a low dosage and get accustomed to them before using a stronger dose.
  • The resealable bag is convenient, and the size is perfect for taking them anywhere.

What we don’t like.

  • Currently, there are only three flavors but there have been reports that more options will launch soon.
  • They are so popular they sell out quickly.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries offers a wide range of CBD products made from organic, domestically-grown hemp. But, their core product is CBD gummies.

What we like.

  • They have full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp extract.
  • The flavors are relatively good and don’t taste medicinal.
  • There are non-vegan and vegan options (although this version is much more expensive than the non-vegan version).
  • The company offers free shipping and a fair return policy.

What we don’t like.

  • There is only one concentration available (10mg per gummy).
  • They taste tough and are difficult to chew.
  • The first ingredient is cane sugar, plus they use artificial colors and flavors.
  • Although they offer a third-party lab report for their products, there are no specific lab tests for their gummies.
  • There are few servings in the bottle so if you go with these, do the monthly plan, which takes the cost from $39 per bottle to $31 per bottle.

Overall Thoughts

While all three have good features, one stands out the most. In returning to the factors listed at the start of the article, NatureBox offers the best CBD gummies. They win for their ingredient quality, hemp sourcing, value and price, and company transparency.
We look forward to more CBD infused choices soon and already enjoy their other healthy snacks.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson

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