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With an annual turnover approaching $5billion, and projections of that increasing to between $20 &25billion in 5 years, it is a major industry now for many States. The question is, what is the market like across the pond in the goold old UK? We contacted one of the UK’s most prominent suppliers of high-quality Golden Oils, Reactiveplus.com, to help us build an accurate picture of the UK market. Reactive Plus to help fill

Is CBD Legal In The UK?


The Future Looks Rosy

The UK’s CBD consumption is only going to grow, both in traditional products like tinctures, vapes and capsules and in new more novel products like bath bombs and shampoos.  Companies around the world are looking to get footholds in the UK market for a reason, Reactiveplus.com informs us, partly due to the closeness to large European markets, partly due to the UK’s quickly growing market. This will be great for consumers who will get a wider range of products to choose from, both in terms of price, style and quality. It will also keep UK based companies on their toes ensuring they are competitive and offering what the UK consumers need effectively.

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