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What’s in my bag? issue #40

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Bo Hamrick is a career sales professional who spends a majority of his time travelling to meet with potential clients.

About the bag
My mother-in-law gave me this bag that she found on Etsy. It has been an awesome bag with plenty of room for everything I carry on sales calls.

What’s inside the bag

TUL Wireless Charging Notebook ($47)
This notebook uses the Disc system which allows me to pull out and re-arrange pages in the planner. But there is also a wireless charger embedded into the cover. When traveling or in a client meeting, I can discreetly charge my phone.

Cannuka CBD Hydrating Lip Balm ($9)
When I travel, between the dry air on the airplanes and the hotels, my lips take a beating. This Cannuka CBD Lip Balm has been a great addition to my nightly routine to keep my lips from getting chapped. I use it throughout the day as needed as well.

Victorious Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses ($50)
I stare at a computer screen much of the day and these glasses are great for blocking the blue lights from my computer screen and iPad. I carry them everywhere I go and put them on around 3pm and wear until I go to bed.

Fancii Waterbottle Personal Humidifier ($25)
The dry air when travelling wreaks havoc on my nose and lungs. As soon as I get into my hotel room, the first thing I do is set up the Humidifier and have it run until I wake up the next morning. One night in a hotel without this and my body feels it

Bo Hamrick 03/11/20

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