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For many of us, smoking provides relief from the stress of everyday life and a good excuse to take a break. At home, getting a quick fix is pretty easy. But when your schedule involves dashing from one place to the next, you may end up missing out.

The Allin1E Smoking Tool is designed for smokers on the go. This smart little device contains a lighter, a one-hitter pipe, a grinder, and a cleaning poker — everything you need for a quick hit.

The tool is actually more like a small canister, made of aerospace-grade aluminum. Flip the cap at one end, and you will find a Bic lighter on one side and a cig-shaped pipe on the other. The pipe is made from quartz glass, and it holds up to two grams of ground-up tobacco.

At the bottom of the Allin1E is a two-piece grinder. This grinds directly into the built-in storage chamber, ready for action. Once you have got your fix, the stainless steel cleaning poker helps you prepare the pipe for next time.

The Allin1E is a neat little kit to take around with you, and it makes a great gift for smokers. It is normally priced at $59.99, but you can get it now for $30.99 — that is 48% off the MSRP.

Note: This product is for tobacco use only. Customers must be 21 to purchase.

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