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KNOW YOUR CANNABIS MARIJUANA НЕMP Both Marijuana is not a scientific term – it was slang created to demonize users during the Prohibition push of the 1930’s. “Cannabis” is the Hemp is not a scientific term either – this early word for the Cannabis plant is now applied by the government to indicate mostly industrially-produced cannabis that has: are the same species correct term for flower – Minimal to No Psychoactive Effects on Consumption with these characteristics: CANNABIS -Psychoactive Effects – Higher levels of THC Can produce CBD and other minor cannabinoids. THC level at/below 0.3% – Higher levels of CBD and other minor cannabinoids. BOTH PRODUCE Myrcene B- THC CBN Caryophyllene Pinene Primary Compund Called Secondary Compounds called cannabinoids Terpenes CBD CBC that produce physical and mental effects that determine smell and nuanced effects Linalool CBG (THCV Eucalyptol Limonene (951) 266-9362 HEMP86 *

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