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Getting your house ready for Halloween? How about a wreath to embellish your house with or just put it on your front door? I’m going to show how to make a very easy wreath using patterned paper.

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Step 1:

First you need to choose your papers and add a piece of double-sided tape on one edge only on the inside of the paper.

I used 6″x6″ paper.

Step 2:

Then fold the paper to make paper cones. Start folding one corner of the paper towards the centre to create the cone shape, as shown in the pictures.

Step 3:

Cut a circle from greyboard or heavy card, punch a hole in it and add the twine for hanging.

Step 4:

Take the paper cones and glue them onto the circle one by one.

Step 5:

For the next step I cut a few narrow strips of paper, that I curled using my scissors and a knitting needle, then glued them in the centre of the wreath, just to add an extra detail.

Step 6:

For the centre element I die-cut a scalloped circle from Glitter Card, glued a bit of hemp twine on it, die-cut a few letters to form the word BOO from Black Card and added them on top of the twine.

* If the letters don’t stick on it, just glue them onto a piece of acetate paper then glue it on top of the twine using the glue gun.

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