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I took this picture just now.

Cut & Dry Play Cannabis, Custom-made: Viridelife/Stonedware pipe, Klip Cannabis tool

I took this with my iPhone XR: Warren Bobrow

 Cut & Dry Cannabis. What a nice surprise! It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed cannabis flowers this good and I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. They really gave me pause and a huge, WB smile.

This morning, while going through some jackets that I haven’t worn since my last trip out to Sacramento, I happened upon a small mylar bag. I’m not sure if I picked it up in northern Cal during this trip, or if I possibly grabbed it during the Emerald Cup or the Hall of Flowers, but no matter. This little mylar bag called out to me. “Taste Me” is what I heard. And so, I did. Tearing off the top of the bag with my fingers, as I really have no patience for the childproof packaging, the room in which I work suddenly smelled like diesel fuel, baby skunk and freshly cut, tropical fruit salad.

Beautifully cured California Cannabis!

Cut & Dry comes in three speeds or effects, Work, Play, and Rest. They make it really easy for the consumer to choose the feeling that they want to achieve, not just any strain or cultivar- but a very specific experience of what you should expect. In other words, no searching for a desired experience out of the thousands of varieties on the market. To some, this search is part of what using cannabis is all about. To others, direction is needed. These individuals desire simplicity in their life and the ability to medicate in the manner that suits them. Quickly and efficiently. That’s why I wanted to write about this brand, and specifically the Play varietal. It really works on my glaucoma which is really difficult to treat efficiently.

Platinum Bubba is an Indica dominant strain. What that means to the layperson, is the percentage of Indica is dominant at approximately eighty percent, while the Sativa portion rolls in at about twenty percent. Sativa is known for its qualities in keeping a person crisp and on task, whereas the Indica- aka: “in the couch”, tends to lessen body aches, headaches and the symptoms of glaucoma, which can be excruciating eye pressure, behind my eyes. It’s really no fun and it makes writing quite difficult.

 I really dislike taking Advil or even Tylenol as plain aspirin doesn’t work on my symptoms. Kush strains do, they help me relax and not stress, my headaches melt away.

Cut & Dry’s Play varietal offers me an enchanting experience that I’ve searched, for but couldn’t find until now. This art of enjoyment includes relief in the form of removing my inner eye pressure. Play does what it is supposed to do, not one time but every time. This is why I enjoy cannabis.

This company has created a well-needed conduit for the passionate, but sometimes confused cannabis consumer. As a corporation, they offer a clever use for their hand-tended, therefore platinum-grade flowers. These are business school level skills at work for the good of their clienteles. When a company can be quick and agile in this path, it makes the consumer sales mantra easier to attain. Cut & Dry has made it easy for their buyer to enjoy such high quality.

I love this kind of organic growth in the corporate world.  

This product really works for me. Glad I found the little package in my pocket. Certainly it made my morning much more at ease and fun.   

Tasting Notes:

Crushed, toasted hazelnuts give way to a tangle of cool, California citrus fruit salad and droplets of petrol. Baby skunk running around under your bedroom window offer whispers of their perfume up the nose directly leading into pools of richly textured Crème Brûlée and orange curd. There’s a touch of dark maple syrup and dare I say saffron at the finish, offering mystery and a soft, lung-filling finish.

The High:

It takes a little while to get started (it’s strong stuff, so please be patient) and that is a good thing, at least for me. My eye pressure melted away efficiently and with great fanfare. The experience is full body and deeply introspective, it opened my mind and the words just flowed and the music? I just dig Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines: Muggles.


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