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While the hemp or cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years in cultural and religious ceremonies, it’s only within the last hundred years that the extract CBD has become popularized.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, was first isolated in 1940. Since then, a wave of studies has continued to demonstrate its powerful effects on easing pain, improving sleep, and alleviating anxiety. For those who suffer from anxiety, high stress levels, or panic attacks, CBD provides an all-natural alternative to potentially harmful prescription drugs.

One of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to ingest CBD is with CBD gummies. Cost effective and easy to consume, gummies can help you make CBD a part of your daily routine when you need it most for anxiety. Let’s take a look at the best CBD gummies for anxiety.

Editor’s Picks

To ensure we can provide the best CBD gummies, we personally tested dozens of CBD brands. Every product was tested for potency, quality, effectiveness for anxiety and stress, and label accuracy. Of all the brands that we tried, here are our picks for the best CBD gummies for anxiety:

Best CBD Gummies Reviewed

Each of the following brands exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and effectiveness. However, they all have their own unique benefit (e.g., potency, flavor, etc.), which we describe below. 

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web logo

Charlotte’s Web
  • Calm: 10 mg of CBD, 50 mg of L-theanine, and 75 mg of lemon balm.
  • Sleep: 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin.
  • Recovery: 10 mg of CBD, 25 to 50 mg of ginger, and 50 mg of curcuminoids from turmeric.
Charlotte's Web CBD

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Anxiety can take form in different ways and at different times. For example, you can get anxious before you go to bed as much as you can in a crowded bus. Luckily, Charlotte’s Web has you covered with three types of CBD gummies for anxiety: calm, sleep, and recovery.

Charlotte’s Web uses a full-plant extract, also known as a full-spectrum CBD extract. This means that the extract provides the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that might be missing from isolate products, most notably tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This ensures you get the most benefit from your CBD gummies.

With that said, THC is the compound that is associated with how you feel when you “get high.” No, you won’t feel high when taking full-spectrum CBD-infused gummies, but you might feel a bit more sleepy or calmer than usual. 

Charlotte’s Web uses hemp that is grown on family-owned farms in Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. At the time of writing this, they are currently in the process of earning their organic certification.

We really appreciate the breakdown that Charlotte’s Web provides as it makes shopping for CBD gummies simple and straightforward for people who are new to CBD products. Also, the dosage of 10 mg per serving is the typical industry standard, ensuring someone doesn’t take too much on their first go.

Each of the three types of CBD gummies contain a variety of complementary ingredients:

Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries logo

Sunday Scaries      
  • Each bottle contains 20 gummies that have 10 MG of CBD per gummy
  • Proprietary blend of the broad spectrum CBD, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3
  • CBD is sourced US farms, grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill which requires CBD to be pesticide free.

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If you’re someone who is extremely picky and particular about taste and flavor, we highly recommend Sunday Scaries. This brand has some of the best tasting CBD gummies we’ve ever tried. They have a nice sweetness without being overbearing. Using pure cane sugar and organic Stevia seems to do the trick.

When it comes to helping with anxiety, if there is a CBD brand that truly understands anxiety, it’s Sunday Scaries. The founders were inspired to create their own brand of CBD after discovering how effective it was for treating their issues with stress and anxiety.

Sourced from family farms in the United States, each serving of Sunday Scaries contains 10 mg of CBD. It is a broad-spectrum source of CBD which means that it contains all of the beneficial compounds of cannabis without the THC. 

Sunday Scaries also contain 100% of the recommended allowances for vitamins D and B12. This is important as studies show vitamin B12 can reduce occupational stress. Research also shows that vitamin D promotes proper muscle relaxation.


CBDistillery logo

  • Each gummy contains 30mg of natural hemp derived CBD
  • Take CBD PM Gummies before bedtime as they have 1.5mg of melatonin per gummy to help promote a restful night’s sleep
  • Gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, and kosher

CBDistillery CBD Gummies

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Looking for a CBD gummy that has the most bang for your buck? CBDistillery gummies are the most potent on our list, providing 30 mg of CBD per serving. CBDistillery gummies are 100% vegan-friendly, and as a CBD isolate, they contain no THC.

Similar to Charlotte’s Web, CBDistillery also offers two categories of CBD gummies, making for an easy shopping experience. You can choose from their standard CBD gummies, and their nighttime gummies, which feature melatonin. CBDistillery also gives you the option to purchase a bundle at a discounted price.

We love brands that take a transparent approach to their products and CBDistillery does just that. They are third-party tested, offering the lab results of their products on the purchase page.

It’s important to remember that CBDistillery gummies contain 30 mg of CBD per serving which is three times more than what most brands offer. It’s not dangerous to take this much, but for someone who has never tried CBD products before, this is a dosage to aspire to, not to start off on.


cbdMD logo

  • 25mg of CBD per gummy
  • Products sourced from USA hemp
  • Third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness

cbdMD Gummies

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For those who are new to CBD products, price can quickly become a determining factor whether you make the purchase. Maybe you’ve been using CBD for years, but your budget is a bit tighter this month. cbdMD can help.

Touted as one of the most wallet-friendly CBD products on the market, cbdMD gummies provide you with a standard 10 mg dose of CBD in every serving. With one of the lowest price points on the market, you might think that they cut corners elsewhere, reducing the overall quality of the product. This isn’t the case. 

The first area that many manufacturers cut corners to save on cost is with where they are sourcing their hemp. China is a popular first choice, but not with cbdMD. The company uses all-natural ingredients and the hemp is sourced from farms in the United States, not China or other unregulated countries. 

Another way that companies will cut cost with their CBD gummies is with a coating, not an infusion. A coating of CBD is put on the gummies where an infusion is placed directly inside the gummy. This is a key difference between mediocre and elite products. Coatings can come off during shipping and handling, but when a gummy is infused with CBD, it ensures a consistent dosage and quality every time. Every cbdMD gummy is infused with CBD, not coated.

They offer their CBD gummies in four flavors: orange, raspberry, strawberry, and tropical, and they have many fans who love the way they taste.

Green Roads

Green Roads logo

Green Roads         
  • Each bottle contains 30 gummies that have 10 MG of CBD per gummy
  • Every purchase supports Mission Zero, which is an organization that offers support to veterans who suffer from PTSD
  • Offers gummies in convenient to-go packs

Green Roads CBD Gummies

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Offering the typical 10 mg dose per serving, Green Roads is a great middle-of-the-road option. Green Roads CBD gummies are sourced from American farms and as a broad-spectrum product, they contain no THC. It combines value with potency, making it ideal for both the beginner and the experienced CBD user. 

Do you want to expand how you incorporate CBD into your daily routine and you are looking for more than a CBD gummy bear? Green Roads has a wide variety of CBD products including CBD-infused creams and tinctures, or liquid that you hold under your tongue for about 20 seconds.

We are particularly fond of Green Roads because of their commitment to offering non-prescription solutions to those in needs. They have a partnership with Mission Zero, which is an organization that offers support to veterans who suffer from PTSD. Every purchase you make from Green Roads goes to support that cause.

Delta Botanicals

Delta Botanticals logo

Delta Botanicals          
  • Each gummy has 10 MG of CBD
  • Transparency in lab results – reports easily accessible
  • Hemp sourced from Colorado

Delta Botanicals Gummies

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Last, but not least, we have Delta Botanicals. This is a brand that has nothing to hide as the transparency of their products is valued as much as high quality. 

For each product, including their CBD gummies, Delta Botanicals has a lab report from late 2018 (as of the time this article was written). These reports were produced by third-party testing to verify that all Delta Botanicals products are safe from contamination from heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides. In other words, you have nothing to worry about and they have the paperwork to prove it. In fact, even hovering the mouse above the product icon will bring up the lap report.

Delta Botanicals has a full-spectrum CBD gummy with absolutely no THC. You get all the benefits of the CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids without the worry of THC. They also source all of their hemp from Colorado, arguably one of the best regulated state in the country when it comes to hemp and cannabis.

One unique feature about Delta Botanicals is their focus on bioavailability. In order for CBD to be properly digested and absorbed, you need a carrier oil that contains healthy fats. This brand uses two of the best: coconut oil and hemp oil.

Studies show that coconut oil can help to protect your heart, improve brain health, and kill off potentially harmful bacteria. Hemp oil has been shown to act as a natural anti-inflammatory, which will complement the anti-inflammatory benefits of the CBD.

We were happy to see that Delta Botanicals also incorporates vitamin B12 and vitamin D. As we mentioned above, these vitamins can help to alleviate stress and promote relaxation, which perfectly complements the reason to take CBD.

Providing 10 mg of CBD per serving, Delta Botanicals is available in bottles that carry 15 or 30 CBD gummies at a very reasonable price point. You can also choose from four flavors: watermelon, pear, plum, and guava.

What You Need to Know 

If you’d like to go shopping for different brands of CBD products, there are some key things to know first. 

Here’s what to look for when considering CBD gummies for anxiety:

  1. Test results: All the products you buy should come with clear third-party tests results that openly disclose product purity, ingredients, potency, and quality. If a brand is not willing to regularly post new test results, shop elsewhere. 
  2. Brand reputation: Before you buy from a CBD brand, do a quick search of online reviews. See if the brand has failed any tests from third-party sites and read what other consumers have to say about the products.
  3. Hemp source: We recommend CBD products that source hemp that is grown in the United States. We think it’s best to support American farmers when you buy a hemp product. 
  4. Gummy concentration: CBD gummies can be tricky to dose with because you want to take the edible and give it time to work. This makes it especially important that labels are accurate and each gummy contains the promised amount of CBD. 
  5. Transparent Label: Avoid CBD gummies that have tons of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Your goal is to take a natural supplement, not eat a lot of candy.  

Types of CBD Gummies

There are three types of CBD that will be used in the gummies you buy: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

Full-Spectrum CBD: As we mentioned above, a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD product contains all of the beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD will contain very small amount of THC, but no more than 0.3%. This is guaranteed as full-spectrum extracts must comply with federal laws.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Isolate: In a broad-spectrum isolate, the only compound that is isolated and removed is the THC. This makes it ideal for those who are nervous about an upcoming drug test at work, or anyone who is particularly sensitive to the THC that might be found in full-spectrum CBD gummies. There is some concern that a broad-spectrum doesn’t contain the same level of benefit as a full spectrum, but there is still no concrete evidence for this.

CBD Isolate: As the name implies, this is when the CBD is completely isolated. Everything else including the flavonoids, THC, and terpenes is removed. While effective, a strict CBD oil isolate will not provide the benefits associated with the compounds that are missing. For example, the flavonoids in hemp have an antioxidant effect, supporting cellular health.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD is the center of focus in many studies that are testing its ability to treat or prevent a large number of conditions. With that said, scientific evidence is lacking in some areas. But here are the benefits that most experts agree upon:

Anti-Anxiety: With the potential dangers of SSRIs, many want a safe and effective way to treat their anxiety that won’t cause more side effects than the original condition. CBD products have been shown to reduce symptoms related to anxiety.

Anti-Inflammatory: CBD is incredibly popular with the athletic crowd because recent studies found that it is an effective anti-inflammatory. Both as a cream and as an oil (or something you can ingest), CBD can help to alleviate inflammation and the pain related to it.

Overall Wellness: Studies show that CBD has a unique effect on a number of diseases and conditions including “multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, Tourette’s syndrome, epilepsy and glaucoma.” While CBD is by no means a miracle cure, it can help to decrease your risk of developing certain conditions or it may help to alleviate the effects that you’re experiencing from these illnesses.

Risks Associated with CBD Gummies

It’s easy to forget about the downsides to something when there is so much positive press. Here are a few things to consider before using a CBD product:

Side Effects: When it comes to responsibly using federally regulated CBD gummies, no serious side effects have been found. The most common “complaint” about CBD gummies is that some people find they get more tired than usual. The same cannot be said for unregulated CBD products. 

Unregulated CBD: Continuing with the point above, receiving CBD from an unregulated source increases the risk for contamination. Some brands may also use other compounds to enhance the effect of the CBD. For your safely, we recommend only using federally regulated products.

Medication Interference: While it’s not common, there is always the chance that CBD could interfere with medications you’re currently taking. If you are using a prescription medication, talk with your doctor before using a CBD product.

Why Would You Take CBD Gummies for Anxiety?

Did you know that some medications for anxiety can actually make your anxiety worse? Not to mention that most anti-anxiety prescriptions can cause a number of side effects including nausea, loss of libido, and mood swings. Why take the chance with making your anxiety worse?

CBD gummies are an all-natural alternative to prescription medications for anxiety as the science is clear that they are effective for reducing symptoms related to anxiety. What’s more, CBD can provide a number of other benefits including decreased inflammation, improved sleep, and increased longevity. Talk with your doctor to see if CBD could be a helpful solution to your anxiety.

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