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TORONTO — The operator of the first licensed cannabis retail outlet in Thunder Bay is expected to be announced on Wednesday.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is holding its second lottery to select the next group of 42 companies that can apply for pot store licences.

Locations are being distributed on a regional basis, with 13 going to the City of Toronto, six in the Greater Toronto Area, 18 in southern and eastern Ontario, and five in northwestern Ontario including Thunder Bay and Kenora.

Selected applicants must show that they have arranged for a suitable location to establish a retail outlet and that they have adequate financing.

They will have until Aug. 28 to pay licensing fees and produce a letter of credit for $50,000.

Rejeanne Runciman, owner of Trixxx, submitted an application during the first lottery earlier this year but no bid from northwestern Ontario was selected.

Runciman, who operates a cannabis lounge on Frederica Street, hopes for better luck in the new round.

Earlier this month, Thunder Bay city council established guidelines for where any future cannabis storefronts should be located.

The city will not have the final say, but its guidelines recommend no cannabis retail shop be located within 150 metres of identified “sensitive use” areas including parks, recreational facilities, community centres, libraries, social support and treatment facilities, and watercourses.

Provincial policy already requires cannabis dispensaries to be at least 150 metres distant from schools.

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