Gronk sur le retour possible, l'utilisation de CBD et ses réflexions sur l'avenir de Brady avec Pats | Invitation ouverte – SPORTSNET


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Gepubliceerd op 21 jan. 2020

1:25 Initial reaction to getting drafted by New England

2:34 The Belichick regime and The Patriot Way

5:37 What makes Tom Brady so special

6:36 Relationship with Brady off the field

7:06 Can he see Brady leaving New England?

8:22 Football’s physical toll & playing through injuries like a punctured lung

11:25 Blocking out the injuries

14:05 CBD and marijuana for pain relief

15:11 Pondering Retirement

17:24 Walking away from the game

18:43 Keeping the door open for return

Fresh off being named as one of the 100 greatest players in NFL history, Rob Gronkowski sits down with Stephen Brunt to talk about his career, the Patriot Way, transition into retirement and the repercussions of a life of football


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