hye seomoon creëert een embryo-achtige ‘wieg voor volwassenen’ van hennepdoek en wollen draad


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conceived by seoul-based designer, hye seomoon, the ‘feeling shell furniture collection’ is for adults who are looking for respite from daily life. the series, which comprises an adult cradle and a mood light, intends to provide cozy, healing spaces for relaxation.

hye seomoon creates an embryo-like 'cradle for adults' from hemp cloth and wool string designboom

the first piece of the ‘feeling shell series’ is the cradle for adults

all images courtesy of hye seomoon

the first part of the ‘feeling shell series’ is the cradle for adults. users can get into it like a sleeping bag by going inside the crack. it’s also flexible, so it’ll fit your position. it covers a whole body to feel like in amnion and water and the design motif is from the shape of water (flexible, streamlined form).

a user can get into it between the crack

the concept of feeling shell is a membrane that protects you when you feel anxious or unstable. it’s designed by seomoon to be similar to how the ‘amnion’ covers an embryo, effectively protecting something very precious and delicate. therefore, the ‘feeling shell series’ aims to cover a person and give them a space for relaxing in their own time.

close up view of the feeling shell

the second piece of the collection is the mood light. made from hemp cloth, walnut, wire, wool, the soft light can be placed next to the users’ bed and aims to help them feel calm. the design motif is a skin peeled off after metamorphosis.

the mood light

to create the cozy and healing atmosphere, the pieces are made with ‘hemp cloth’ (called ‘sambe’ in korea). one of the reasons the designer chose hemp is that it is a natural material made by weaving pure linen fibers, so it also has random lengths and thicknesses. close to both nature and human being, hemp cloth perfectly reflects the concept.

close up view of the mood light

to make furniture from hemp cloth, the material has to be durable. to achieve this, two layers are glued together and starched, using korean traditional starch (made with flour). this process makes hemp cloth stiffer, and then, with pieces of the hemp cloth, they are sewn with wool string, making the organic, natural shape.

the hemp cloth material

project info:

project name: feeling shell furniture collection

design: hye seomoon

designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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