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Levo II Oil Infuser

Making your own cannabis edibles at home has never been easier thanks to the Levo II. The device helps you make your own edibles and CBD tinctures by decarbing and infusing in one device. You have full control over the ingredients so this means you get to decide on the taste and potency of each recipe. Levo II is most similar to a coffee machine, but substitutes grinds and water for herb and oil, butter, honey, or vegetable glycerin. Levo even has a patented gravity dispenser that reduces air bubbles and moisture to extend the shelf life of your infusion. Available in five colors with Wifi connectivity to set and monitor, Levo II can make everything from cannabutter for brownies or infused coconut oil for 4/20 friendly gummies with the touch of a button.

Presented by Levo.

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