J'ai utilisé des produits au CBD pour soulager ma douleur pendant mes règles


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Hi there! Lara here, and like half of the world’s population, I have a period. Because of my endometriosis, my periods have always been extremely painful and have routinely caused me to miss work, school, events, etc.

Lara Parker

Due to the intensity of pain over the last several years, I’ve been self-medicating with cannabis. It’s easier for me to do this because I live in Los Angeles, where recreational marijuana is legal. But in the last several months, I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of THC (that’s the stuff in weed that gets you high) I consume to avoid having an extremely high tolerance and rely more on CBD (the stuff that doesn’t get you high) products to treat my pain associated with my period.

Lara Parker

Here’s a picture of me smoking a full-on THC joint, which is something I am trying to avoid doing as often as I was before!

So I’m going to go over the CBD products I found that helped me the most during my period.

First up are the vaginal suppositories from Foria. When I first heard about these, I was in a marijuana dispensary here in California and saw the THC-infused version. I bought and tried them out just on a day-to-day basis, and had relief from my chronic pain. But then they came out with the CBD-infused ones and I knew I wanted to try them. The best thing about these is that they are all-natural and actually do help my pain. The worst part is that they charge $72 for eight of them. If I weren’t chronically ill and had the energy and brainpower to figure out how to make my own, I would. But alas, I do not. So let’s continue.

Lara Parker

Each suppository has 100–110mg of CBD. To give you an idea, CBD gel capsules are usually around 25–30mg of CBD per capsule. For the first period that I used these, I tried to insert them on the first and second days of my period, which are historically the most painful days. Doing this, I didn’t experience much relief at all. I was disappointed. But I think this is for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being that during my actual flow, my pelvic floor is more sensitive and in even more pain than usual. Trying to insert a suppository during that time, regardless of its size, felt invasive to my body and just made those muscles hurt even more than they already did.

So ahead of my next period, I began inserting one suppository per day starting 3 to 4 days before the day my period was scheduled to start based on my period tracking app. Doing this, I felt like I had noticeably less pain from cramps, and less pelvic and lower back pain by the time my flow started. It’s important to note that these suppositories did not make me pain-free. However I definitely noticed a decrease in pain, and to this day I continue to insert them three to four days before the onset of my period.

Here’s what the suppository looks like when it’s not in its plastic covering:

Lara Parker

It’s pretty easy to insert — even for someone who has a lot of pelvic and vaginal pain — and is made with just CBD and cocoa butter. So not only did it help the severity of my cramps and vaginal pain during my cycle, but my vagina also smelled like cocoa butter. I wasn’t mad about it. I also use these when I want to be intimate with a partner because they help my pelvic floor muscles relax and also make my vagina smell and taste like cocoa butter. But it should be noted that there is a bit of discharge with these so beware if you’re wearing really fancy underwear or something.

For what it’s worth, I’ve even put in more than one at once on particularly bad pain days and because they are only CBD-infused, no part of me ever felt high. I just experienced relief.

Lara Parker
Lara Parker

I loooooooove CBD balms and rubs. I use them all the time for all kinds of things. But during my period, I specifically use Good Jane’s Not This Month stick. I like it for a number of reasons that include but are not limited to: It’s easy to apply thanks to the stick style, it gives me relief, it feels thin, smells good, and the texture isn’t too sticky like some other CBD rubs and balms I’ve used. It also doesn’t stain my clothes or leave residue everywhere I go.

During particularly painful periods, opening a jar of balm and being able to apply it to my abdomen almost feels too much. It might sound unbelievable, but having this in stick form has honestly made my life during my period a little bit easier simply because it’s easier to apply to my abdomen when I’m writhing in pain. At $70 it’s not cheap, but I’ve been using the same stick since July and it is now November and I still have plenty left. It doesn’t make my cramps completely disappear by any means, but when I put it on my abdomen or lower back I can feel my muscles relax.

Lara Parker

Before (and during) my period, my entire body hurts. I ache all over and my muscles feel tight and sore. During this time of the month, I’ve always been a fan of hot baths and have considered on more than one occasion installing an inflatable hot tub in my living room to soak my sore body in. But then I discovered CBD bath bombs — and specifically the ones from Kush Queen — and I feel as if they’ve sort of changed my life. When purchasing one of their bath bombs, you can select your dosage of CBD, which ranges on each bath bomb from 25mg–200mg. Because I am a frequent cannabis user (both THC and CBD) my tolerance is a bit higher than perhaps your average person so I usually opt for the 100mg ($16) or 200mg option ($20). However, I do think you could experience some relief from your pain with the 25mg option ($12.99).

I have the Sleep bath bomb in the picture above, but I also love their Relief bath bomb as well (which is what I used in the second picture). Their Relax bath bomb is also one that I use quite often. I’ve used all three versions several times and I honestly cannot emphasize to you enough how relaxing and amazing it feels to sit in a hot bath filled with the CBD bath bomb, while letting your blood flow freely from you. Or just, you know, after a long day of being alive.

So there you have it, these are the CBD products I’ve found to be most helpful during my period. If you have a CBD product that you love and has helped you, feel free to comment with it below and maybe we can all help each other have less pain during our periods (or just in general)!

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