La sauce à la dinde à action rapide infusée au cannabis de Kiva Confections rendra l'action de grâce encore plus relaxant


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Dinner conversation with family and friends just got a lot more entertaining.

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We’ve talked before about the weird CBD products on the market, but Kiva Confections is taking things to a whole new level that offers a new way to survive Thanksgiving this year: A fast-acting, cannabis-infused gravy that’ll be perfect to douse your turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing with this holiday season.

Available in California only for a limited time, Kiva is bringing a cheeky addition to Thanksgiving dinner, with the cannabinoids absorbed into the soft tissue and stomach, bringing effects in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes, versus traditional edibles’ typical onset of 90 minutes or longer. The resulting experience is predictable, precisely dosed and controllable, every time.

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We caught up with Kiva Confections to get more info behind the idea of the cannabis-infused gravy — like why they chose this product for this holiday, among other things — so take a look at the replies below.

Why Gravy?

Kiva’s aim is to make cannabis as accessible and mainstream as the likes of wine or craft beer. And what’s more mainstream than Thanksgiving? Gravy was, in many ways, an easy target. It excited our team to work on something so seemingly ordinary, and yet so novel in cannabis.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

This idea was born out of our mission- which is to truly change how the world views and uses cannabis. We have a passionate team who is driven to innovate in this industry and find novel approaches to cannabis and edibles. We really live and breathe innovation at Kiva, It’s in our DNA. We knew we wanted a playful way to announce our foray into the use of fast onset technologies in our products. So with tongue planted firmly in cheek – we created a fun, yet sophisticated way to elevate your Thanksgiving table, infused Turkey Gravy. And while some may call us crazy, we hope they keep an open mind and come to the table with an empty stomach.

Image via Kiva Confections

Were Customers Asking For A Product Like This?

As many cannabis consumers know, it can take some time before you feel the effects of edibles; up to 90 minutes. This waiting period is a huge pressure point for consumers, who are used to feeling the effects of inhaled cannabis within minutes. A faster onset of effects makes for a more social experience, and a more controllable experience. We think consumers are going to be surprised that we chose gravy, but delighted once they realize this is just the beginning of Kiva exploring fast-acting technology. Right on gravy’s heels, we have a limited edition powdered hot chocolate coming out for the holidays.

How Does It Work?

The gravy product is made with cutting-edge technology that bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver, instead absorbing into the soft tissue and stomach. This allows the cannabinoids to take effect in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes. Most other companies who have explored fast-acting technology have employed nanotechnology particles to speed up the process. While the nano molecules used in these edibles are small, they are massive compared to the individually-encapsulated molecules used in this approach. Not only are they isolated from other molecules they might interact with, they are small enough to be absorbed directly into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors; one molecule at a time. As a result, Kiva’s gravy offers the fastest-acting and most bioavailable cannabinoids available in edibles today.

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Here are further details about Kiva Confection’s limited edition turkey gravy.


  • Price: $5 Available in Southern California at Sweet Flower’s three dispensaries
  • Available in Northern California at Grassroots in San Francisco
  • Available in extremely limited quantities, while supplies last


  • Gravy bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver, instead absorbing directly into the soft tissue and stomach.
  • The technology used is superior than previous fast-acting edibles options; it is more efficient and more bio-available.
  • The technology uses individually-encapsulated molecules, which are absorbed faster than nanotechnology options.
  • Each dose is not only delicious, it is absolutely precise, making every experience repeatable.

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This is just one of the unique milestone, cannabis-infused holiday products from Kiva Confections launching this holiday season, so keep an eye out for others that leverage similar technology.

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