L’entraîneur du lycée a volé 40 dollars du portefeuille du joueur, selon la polic


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In New Mexico, a football coach was fired and now faces criminal charges after authorities say a student captured the coach on cellphone video taking money from a student player’s wallet.

Miyamura High School coach John D. Roanhaus was on Saturday by state police after reviewing the cellphone video that showed Mr. Roanhaus entering the locker room and removing $40 from the student’s wallet, say the court documents.

From AP:

According to an arrest warrant, a police officer was contacted by a student’s mother who showed the officer the cellphone video. The video showed Roanhaus walking into the school’s locker area, taking two $20 bills from a black wallet and stuffing the money in his sock, Officer Nathaniel Renteria wrote in the arrest warrant.

Roanhaus had been the head football coach at the high school in the small, New Mexico western city of Gallup since 2018. He is the youngest son of New Mexico Hall of Fame coach Eric Roanhaus, who retired in 2016 as head football coach at Clovis High School after recording 343 wins, the most in state history.

The mother told Renteria it wasn’t the first time that players had experienced thefts in the locker room.

Roanhaus, 42, has been charged with larceny and non-residential burglary and ordered held on $2,000 bail.

Police: High school coach lifted $40 from player’s wallet

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