Mama 'kon' het niet zien op haar trouwdag of bij de geboorte van haar kinderen vanwege pijnlijke migrain


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A mum who couldn’t see on her wedding day or at the births of both of her children due to a rare type of migraine has claimed she’s found a ‘life changing cure’ in the form of a £36 ‘miracle’ CBD oil. 

Becki Rogerson, 33, from Poynton in Cheshire, has been plagued by a rare and terrifying type of migraine since she was sixteen. 

Yet, despite regularly losing her sight and suffering ‘ice-pick’ headaches which she says are ‘worse than childbirth’, her condition was deemed ‘not serious’ by doctors and she was refused further treatment on the NHS.  

‘I couldn’t see on my wedding day or at the births of both my children,’ she explained. ‘Sometimes I was without vision for up to eight hours. With two children under five to look after, I decided enough was enough.’

Becki Rogerson, 33, from Poynton in Cheshire, told how she couldn’t see on her wedding day or at the births of both of her children due to a rare type of migraine. Pictured, on her big day

The mother-of-two claimed she has found an unlikely solution in the form of a £36 CBD oil, which she has hailed a ‘life-changing cure.’ Pictured, with her husband and children, Ruby and Morgan

However, the mother-of-two has found an unlikely solution in the form of a £36 CBD oil, and claims it has prevented the debilitating migraines that cause her to lose vision and experience ‘stroke-like’ symptoms.   

Throughout the past decade, Becki has experienced some terrifying moments, including an attack that left her stranded, miles from home with two young children. 

She had to lock herself, Ruby aged five and Morgan, then 18 months, in the car for two hours to make sure they were safe. 

Becki tried Dr CBD Rx (pictured), a new type of fast-acting cannabidiol oil, in desperation 

However, it was an episode last October, that left her hospitalised and unable to see for over eight hours, that led her to try Dr CBD Rx, a new type of fast-acting cannabidiol oil, in desperation.

The outcome has been ‘life-changing’ and three months in, Becki is still migraine-free. 

Now, she wants to raise awareness of the ‘miracle cure’ so that other sufferers can benefit.

‘I was only sixteen when I had my first migraine and it was really scary; I was at home and suddenly I couldn’t see anything,’ she explained. ‘It just came out of the blue. I didn’t know what was going on.’

‘Since then, they’ve got progressively worse. Some of the symptoms can be quite alarming if you don’t know what’s causing them, it’s like I’m having a stroke.’

‘I have the most excruciating headaches and I can end up slurring my words, vomiting and my face sometimes droops on one side.’

She continued: ‘The attacks can last up to 24 hours and living a “normal” life can be very difficult. I have two young children and because there is no apparent pattern or trigger that brings them on, I have to be very careful.’

Becki spent years seeking treatment from the NHS, but to no avail. Exasperated, she paid to go privately and was diagnosed with a rare and extreme form of Hemiplegic migraine. 

Despite the diagnosis, doctors seemed unable to find a reliable medication to prevent the attacks.

Becki (pictured) was sixteen when she had her first migraine, which she described as ‘really scary’

Becki added that every milestone in her life has been clouded by migraines – including her wedding day (pictured)

Over the years she has taken various different drugs to prevent her symptoms, but mostly they were only effective if she caught the onset of a migraine in time – until she tried DR CBD Rx.

Becki continued: ‘Almost every milestone in my life has been clouded by migraines. On my wedding day, as I was getting ready at my parent’s house, I felt my vision begin to go and I just thought, “please not today!”‘

‘My brother had to do a 30-minute round trip back to my house to pick up my medication. Luckily, he got back before it really took hold, but I still only regained my sight back as I began to walk down the aisle.

‘I had migraines at the births of both of my children, which was hugely traumatic. Imagine having gone through the pain of labour, as well as the emotions that you experience at that time, then losing your sight and going into further pain for 24 hours.’

‘It was agony, but the worse bit was missing those valuable first few hours with my new baby.’

However, Becki went on to explain that the most recent attack was by far the worst she has experienced.

The mother-of-two (pictured) has been migraine-free for three months – which is the longest she has gone without them for at least six years

‘My husband had to call an ambulance as my sight still hadn’t returned eight hours later,’ she said. ‘I was constantly being sick; I couldn’t talk, and the pain was so bad I was rocking and whimpering and couldn’t let go of my head. It sounds like a cliché, but it was worse than childbirth.’


Cannabidiol, known as CBD is just one of the two main cannabinoids that is found in cannabis – the other being tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. 

Both of these have had a lot of attention in the media and are being tested extensively for their medicinal benefits. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, which means that it can’t make users ‘high’.

DR CBD Rx was pioneered by Tom Chapman, a recognised UK British Pharmaceutical Association (BPA) Pharmacist, who specialises in plant extracts for medical use. He also has a PHD in Chinese Medicine. He said:

‘Over 6 million people in the UK suffer with regular migraines that, like Becki, can leave them incapacitated for days.

I have studied the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) for many decades and seen first-hand just how powerful it can be. Time and time again people who have been unable to find the answer in traditional medicine, have had their lives transformed by the healing powers of Cannabidiol (CBD). For Becki to live in fear of this condition for so long must have taken its toll both physically and mentally, so I’m very happy that we have been able to give her hope for the future.’ 

‘After this attack, I went to see my doctor again and I was referred to yet another specialist, but the NHS declined my appointment, before I even managed to see someone, because they classed my attacks as not “severe enough.”

She added: ‘That was when I thought “enough is enough.” I was desperate!’

‘I’d heard about taking CBD for migraines and I have to say I wasn’t convinced about how effective it would be. I’d tried every medication under the sun, and nothing had worked.

‘I opted for the highest strength, spraying two to three times a day and I’m amazed to say that three months in, I’m still migraine-free.

‘Just to put that into context, I haven’t gone this long without migraines for at least six years.’

Becki is still adjusting to the fact that she could have beaten her condition once and for all, and she’s urging other sufferers to ‘give it a try’.

‘I’m nervous about saying that DR CBD Rx has cured my condition, but the early signs are extremely positive,’ she said. 

‘Before taking DR CBD Rx, I had been having at least one migraine a month. To go three months without one is unheard of. So, from my point of view – it’s working!

‘It’s hard to imagine that I may be able to be free of the constant fear of having a migraine as I’ve lived with it for so long, but I’m beginning to be more optimistic about the future.

‘I’ve seen hundreds of specialists and taken a cocktail of different types of medication to try and manage the attacks, but nothing has worked as well as this. It has literally been life-changing!’  

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