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PHOENIX, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Linked Equipment and Capna® Systems announce a jointly-designed, fully turn-key, and completely modular extraction lab designed to efficiently, effectively process hemp. One of the fastest-growing segments of the legal Cannabis industry, hemp processing and extraction have traditionally proven time- and cost-prohibitive. Mobile hemp extraction labs by Linked Equipment and Capna® Systems represent the intuitive, resource-friendly solution.

A Modular Approach
In a pioneering and collaborative effort, Linked Equipment and Capna® Systems have developed a modular and wholly turn-key hemp-processing system designed to facilitate efficient and completely customizable ethanol extraction. Pre-loaded modules arrive on wheels, allowing producers to begin extracting in days, not months. Capna®‘s “design-for-scalability” operational philosophy means that operators can easily modify and adapt our technology to suit their ever-changing needs. We don’t just sell systems; we provide solutions.

Unsurpassed Scalability
Featuring “plug-and-play” Capna® hardware, mobile hemp extraction labs are designed with safety and security in mind, and come equipped with interlocking electrical and emergency systems, ignition source controls, gas detection systems, and ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems.  As companies grow, modules designed by Linked Equipment and Capna® are designed to scale.

Mobility at Your Fingertips
Our extraction lab solutions are completely mobile, which means that if the organization needs to relocate for any reason, producers may simply drive off to another location if on a chassis or unbolt the container from the ground and take it along. Our team of technical experts – including engineers, farmers, chefs, and extraction artists – have created the safest automated facilities for the Cannabis industry – and producers simply need to set them up, plug them in, and enjoy full functionality, anywhere.

Customized for Producers Large and Small
Once the custom blueprint is set for your container needs, our team can create multiple versions as your space and production levels increase. Today’s producers can avoid missed deadlines and budgeting issues, instead harnessing the power of our plug-and-play design, which means you’ll begin generating revenue right away – whatever your organization’s size, quantity, layout, electrical needs, and storage quantities. Every system we produce undergoes a third-party engineering review, ensuring that your new lab adheres to your state’s mechanical, structural, electrical, and fire regulations.

About Linked Equipment
Linked Equipment designs and manufactures dynamic intermodular steel building units (modules) for cannabis, hemp & CBD grow and extraction labs. With over a decade’s experience in manufacturing buildings made from shipping containers, Linked Equipment produces safe and effective growing environments, extraction labs, vaults, kitchens, storage units, and much more.

Phoenix, ArizonaFounded: 2009

Privately Owned
Employees: 12, Linked Enterprises (sister company): 5
Industry: Cannabis
Product: Extraction & Grow Modules

To Learn more about the Mobile Labs visit their web page at: Mobile Labs
To learn more about Linked Equipment and the services they provide, visit their website: Linked Equipment.

About Capna Systems
Capna Fabrication is a pioneering extraction equipment manufacturer and research facility based in southern California. Our mission is to research and develop safe, innovative ethanol extraction technologies for the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Sylmar, CaliforniaFounded: 2017

Privately owned
Employees: 38
Industry: Cannabis
Products: Extraction systems

Media Contacts: For more information, at Linked Equipment please get in touch with Karl Foust at Linked Equipment’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. He can be reached at (602) 314-6020, or by mail at 3454 E Illini St, Phoenix, AZ 85040. Please direct all email enquiries to   

Capna contact is Chris Salinas, CFO at Capna Solutions or by mail at 15148 Bledsoe St, Sylmar, CA 91342.


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