Selfies: microdoseren met bloem: mini-prerolls voor cannabis die een diepe verlichting geven


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Two mini pre-rolls in this little package!

I took this with my iPhone!

Warren Bobrow: iPhone XR

With the yearly Four-Twenty Holiday firmly in my rear view mirror, I’m pretty sure that I missed out on all the celebrations. There were no celebrations in this part of Western New Jersey and I hope that whatever celebration you did, wherever you are in the universe, was muted. No one said that you should not have a raucous sesh, just be mindful of the broader world outside your home. Cannabis of this quality helps me not worry quite so much.

One of the ways that I’ve found to get things done is the quest for cannabis that doesn’t put me to sleep, nor make my head angry. The world offers many varieties of high quality cannabis, I’m sure there are thousands that I’ve yet to try. No time like the present tense.

Selfies By Heshies is an unusual name, (in my opinion) for a uniquely potent cannabis pre roll. Why is it unusual? Possibly because their name is so very memorable? I’ll never forget it. That’s just one of the reasons. The other is the utterly mesmerizing quality of their indoor grown flower. I just love what they attempt to achieve through careful propagation techniques. Their passion and attention to quality shines through.

I tasted through all their strains of their mini pre rolls and found that these tiny pre-rolls do exactly what I need, right now. They are also delivered in a portion size that is no more than what I can smoke efficiently.

When I smoke cannabis, it’s all by myself. I don’t have the benefit of an extended “fam’” to sesh with. It’s very difficult for me to buy a bunch of pre-rolls from a dispensary, or even attempt to roll a normal one-gram or more size joint for myself. I can’t smoke that much and once I burn one, I want to finish it in one sitting. Really good cannabis can be overwhelming in larger amounts, at least for me. Less is definitely more.

The Selfies, weighing in at .25 of a gram each, is the exact size of joint that is needed for my unique medicating. Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing more enjoyable than a nice fat joint at my disposal, but the Selfies are utterly efficient, just enough. They provide a microdose of really high quality cannabis. This is the kind that I like to smoke. The kind I want to write about, like the fine wine is what I like to drink.

Take the “The Lime” Sativa, this was the first strain that I tried first thing yesterday morning. It defined the framework for the rest of the day. The experience was unexpected in a really good way. The first thing I did after smoking the tiny pre-roll was wax my car, then I polished the exhaust pipes. Then I got out the vacuum and did all the floors. Then I mopped the floor and cleaned the bathrooms. I was so full of creative energy too and wrote two articles. All before six in the evening! This is really intriguing stuff.

A really tiny mini pre roll. yummy!

The Lime Sativa- that got me going! .25!

Warren Bobrow: Taken on my iPhone XR!

Today I started my day with their Indica named Medellin. Stony, earthy and richly textured in the nose, this strain is every bit as luscious as that first island-style (bartenders would understand this) drink. Enjoyed only when the sun is warm over your toes. As my friend Ed Hamilton, (Ministry of Rum) would say, that first drink of your day makes going back to sleep easier when you are on island time. Smoking the Medellin, is the strain you have been looking for if you have deep relaxation on your menu for the day. It takes a while for it to grab hold of your body, then your brain, but once that happens after ten minutes or so, expect any pressure to just melt away. You may not want to drive a wheeled vehicle any time soon, nor should you. That stay at home order means just that. On the couch. Which is where you will be, before too much time has passed. I don’t need any more than .25th’s of a gram to really have a good experience. Sleepy.

Their strain named Superglue is the unsung hero of this tasting. Brimming with aromatics of caramelized stone fruits, roasted blood oranges and freshly plucked lavender flowers, this strain continues its dance around my palate with a Pickett’s ginger syrup finish (spicy!) down my throat. Each pull is dense, taut and deeply mystical. The stone itself is a creeper and it takes a while to get going, but once there it continues to deepen and humble. A veil of gossamer lace delicately envelops my ears and moves down my spine, there is a pure quality to the aromatics, like listening to Ry Cooder play the Delta Blues. Somewhere out there in the far off places you can hear the mournful wail of his slide guitar dripping through your brain. Great cannabis will unlock this language of spirituality.

Anything less is not a lesson.

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