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‘Social Distancing’ Trademark Battle Brewing … As World Fights COVID-19

3/30/2020 1:00 AM PT


While the coronavirus has upended the world and created a new way of living, it’s also causing a frenzy with folks looking to cash in on the pandemic … who are racing to lock down the rights to the oft-heard term, “social distancing.”

TMZ did some digging, and since March 15 — when U.S. cities began to really understand the threat of COVID-19 and implement guidelines to help stop the spread — more than 10 people and companies have filed trademark applications for “social distancing.”

According to the docs … the trademark types range from beer and CBD oil to common merchandise products like t-shirts, hats, signs, stickers and games.

There’s also one applicant looking to slap “social distancing” on an online photography school.

A couple notable names in the hunt for a trademark include the creators of the popular game, What Do You Meme? — which unsurprisingly wants the rights to make “Social Distancing: The Game” — and Maxx Sports and Entertainment … which reps a bunch of famous athletes and brands.

So, prepare to hear a lot more about social distancing in the coming weeks, and if these shrewd business folks get their wish … long into the future.

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