SYNDICATS: 80 travailleurs de Google rejoignent le Syndicat des métallurgistes unis de Pittsburgh


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This is an interesting move.

An estimated 80 people who work at Google in Pittsburgh as contracted employees have voted to join the United Steelworkers trade union.

“To my knowledge, there is not another all tech-local in the United States,” USW organizer Damon DiCicco told a reporter.

“If you ask me, I would say in 10 years we’re going to see a lot more efforts like this.”

“The workers voted in favor of unionization at the East Liberty Carnegie Library on Tuesday,” reports Pittsburgh’s CBS TV News affiliate KDKA.

The vote came in with 49 in favor and 24 against. Of the 80 employees, 73 took part in today’s vote.

The workers are employed by Google contractor, HCL Technologies in the Bakery Square office.

Google issued this statement:

“We work with lots of partners, many of which have unionized workforces, and many of which don’t. As with all our partners, whether HCL’s employees unionize or not is between them and their employer.”

About 80 Contracted Google employees are looking to unionize. They are having a vote until 2. Supporters are in East Liberty helping employees get out and vote.

— Chris Hoffman (@NewsmanChris) September 24, 2019

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