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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — It’s no secret that the Town of Leland is one of the fastest growing areas in the Cape Fear, and now the town could soon be home to some of the fastest growing industries in the country.

At a Leland Economic Development Committee meeting Thursday night, several potential new businesses were discussed, including a micro brewery and an industrial hemp farm.

“Industrial hemp is a booming economy and a booming opportunity, and here in eastern North Carolina, which has a very strong background in agriculture, it’s a great opportunity for us to take advantage of,” said Girard Newkirk.

Newkirk, a Pender County native and owner of Wilmington-based startup company KWH Coin, is proposing bringing a hemp farm to Leland.

“We’re looking to use industrial hemp to bring jobs to agriculture, but also use it for renewable energy generation, we want to power all of these facilities with renewable energy,” Newkirk said.

As part of that renewable energy initiative, Newkirk also wants to create a 100 percent sustainable luxury RV park in Leland catered to those with special needs.

“My wife is an avid RV’er, and I have two special needs children. And we went on a vacation in June, and we realized that the RV’ing lifestyle, the openness of being outside would be something great for families that have children with special needs,” Newkirk said.

Also potentially coming to Leland is a microbrewery. Economic and Community Development Director Gary Vidmar says a brewery is in talks to purchase a property on Old Fayetteville Road across from Town Hall, but the sale has not yet gone through.

As far as Newkirk’s proposed businesses go, he plans to meet with the Leland Economic Development Committee several more times to work out plans and get the necessary permits.

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