VIDÉO: Le chien retrouvé retrouvé 12 ans plus tard et à 1 000 milles est réuni avec son propriétaire ravi


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A beloved dog that was lost in 2007 has been found — over one thousand miles away from home, in Pittsburgh, PA.

After being lost for 12 years, Dutchess finally met her owner again, and Humane Animal Rescue captured the moment on video.

The toy fox terrier disappeared from their south Florida home in 2007, says Humane Animal Rescue, and Dutchess was discovered under a shed on Monday. The 14 year old senior dog was hungry, shaking, and needed some grooming.

The person who found the dog took it to a Humane Animal Rescue location, where staff scanned the dog’s microchip, which led to its owners contact information.

Duchess’s mom Katheryn Strang drove from Boca Raton, FL to Pittsburgh, PA on Friday.

She couldn’t believe it when she got the call, Strang says in the video livestreamed on Facebook —— she says she kept paing the microchip service fees all those years, hoping one day it’d pay off.

It did.

[via AP]

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