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Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a cannabis-derived product and are chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants. But even if it comes from the marijuana plant, it does not have an intoxication effect or THC which another cannabinoid has.

Although there are controversies surrounding cannabis products because of the blatant use of marijuana for recreation, there is now a growing awareness of the health benefits of CBD oil. It is now hitting the trends for medical use.

Its medical use according to research

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It relieves anxiety – studies show that CBD oil can help manage stress. Researches show that it can change the brain receptor’s response to serotonin, which is the chemical related to mental health. Further studies also show that it helps people handle social anxiety when they give speeches or talk to an audience. It helps relieve tension by inducing the following: reduce stress; it decreases physiologic activity consequent to fear, such as tachycardia; it improves post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and it helps lessen insomnia.

It helps minimize seizure – CBD was said to have healing properties for epilepsy. Researchers are conducting studies to reduce seizures in individuals with epilepsy and to check how safe it is if these patients use it.

When it comes to its effects on neurodegenerative disorders, studies are being done. That is to locate receptors that will help the people with neurodegenerative disorders; treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Also, the goal is to help reduce inflammations that can worsen neurodegenerative symptoms.

Relief of pain – the same oil is also shown to help in pain management after chemotherapy treatment. Also, it helps manage arthritis pain, muscle pain, spinal cord injuries, pain due to multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain due to injuries.

Treatment of cancer – some studies have also shown the possibilities of CBD oil being able to help in preventing the cancer cells’ growth, but this is yet to be proven. However, it also shows the ability to moderate inflammation and reduction of growth of some cancer cells in the body.

Helps manage acne – Many people think that acne is caused by factors such as genetics, bacteria, inflammation, and too much sebum. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help manage the production of sebum. Hence, it can help in controlling acne.

Maintain a healthy heart – the product is linked to several heart benefits, including properties that help manage high blood pressure. Cannabidiol has features that help reduce anxiety and stress; consequently, it can also be a helpful product to control high blood pressure.

Is it legal?

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Every state has a different stand on the legality of CBD. However, the determining factor is anchored on the source, hemp, or marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana describe two different varieties of Cannabis, and both can be an abundant source for CBD. Since they come from the same family, they share the same properties and the same chemical content, only to a different level. They have a different content level of THC. Hemp contains less THC as compared to marijuana. Since marijuana contains an intoxicating level of 30% THC, it is deemed illegal in the United States and many other countries as well.

Compared to the hemp-derived CBD, which is made federally legal as long as it conforms to the above-given guidelines, marijuana-derived CBD is a little complicated because the source is illegal.

In some states, however, it is legal for recreational use. That also means that in those states, marijuana-derived CBD is deemed legal. In other countries, however, although marijuana is illegal, CBD derived from it is allowed for medical conditions.

The internet has a myriad of pages, such as the Cheefbotanicals site, where one can learn about CBD and its benefits, how to use it, and where to get it. However, CBD might not be legal where an interested individual is located, so it is best to check the state laws related to it. If necessary for medical use, a physician must be consulted, and orders should come from him.

Only one rule applies to treat cancers – take in as many full THC-rich Cannabis extracts as possible!

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A study that monitored the treatment of glioblastoma in spring 2019 showed that small amounts of cannabinoids did not destroy the cancer cells. Still, when the dose increased, the tumor was reduced, and the cancer cell division ceased. THC and CBD dominant extracts were used, and a significant synergistic antitumor effect was demonstrated. The conclusion is that cannabinoids in the full extract are reversible therapy for the treatment of cancer, especially glioblastoma.

Full flower extracts were used in the study: THC extract (43% THC with 14% CBD) and CBD flower extract (5.1% CBD with 2.5% THC).

Using smaller amounts of oil will often not help with severe and aggressive forms of cancer; at least 1 ml per day is required! It also happens a lot that the oils available in some European countries are of insufficient quality and concentration of THC. Therefore, they cannot have long-lasting improvements and cure for some aggressive cancers. They are good enough to treat disease without metastases but often do not exceed 70 and a couple of% of THC. However, they have a lot of CBD and other essential cannabinoids, which is good. Therefore, the total percentage of cannabinoids is over 90%.

If the percentages of cannabinoids in the oil are lower, then a higher amount of extract in the daily dosage for cancer is also required!

Most of these oils, mainly sourced from the EU or made from locally grown varieties, have, however, proven excellence in the treatment of MS, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, HIV, and hepatitis C, as well as neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, for diabetes and pressure.

Heavy and unusual forms of cancer require better-cultivated varieties, as well as a specially made extract (”oil”), as it is often found in oil where decarboxylation is not completely done, and the extracts are not sufficiently purified.

So choose carefully, ask your friends, because many people claim that their extracts are pure and present them as being what they are not.

In practice, it has been confirmed that the additional use of oils with a high percentage of CBD also helps with severe pain that accompanies some forms of cancer. At least ten cannabis flower compounds have a confirmed antitumor effect, and the combination of illegal THC extract and CBD flower extract of native legal varieties in Serbia has shown the best results in both cancer and autoimmune and neurological diseases.

Therefore, if you have quality oils of different varieties available, you can combine them in consultation with your doctor.

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